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SEO in Mexico and Web Positioning in Google


Why should my website be in the top Google ranking?

The Importance of SEO in México

– Among the different ways to get visits to a website, one of the most effective strategies is the natural positioning in Google results, that is, results that shows without payment, on a regular basis, excluding advertising or sponsored results.
– The organic or natural positioning achieved with SEO work is maintained over time beyond the actions we take.
–  The cost associated with SEO tends to be lower than advertising links, creating online events, developing social networks, etc.

Most Important Reasons

  • 40 Million Daily Searches Only in México
  • 89% of Users do not go beyond the first Page
  • 7 out of 10 users click organic results (SEO)
  • 72% of Users click on the first 5 search results
  • More than 41% of average Visits in our Web come from a search engine, 4 times more than those foreseen for Social Media

We place your website in the top places of Google México

Make your customers find you on the first page of search results. Being positioned in search engines locally is one of the most effective tools to bring more users to your website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of modifying a website so that it appears in a better position in organic search results.

Advantages of SEO in México 


We get more users to your website

We have Plans for SMEs that adapt to your needs

How do we get Positioning your web in Mexico in the first places of Google?

At Q- Marketing we have great professional SEO experts with years of experience working with companies from Mexico and Europe.
SEO in México is still the most important digital marketing strategy for the Company.

The work that we carry out to realize an efficient web positioning would be the following:

  • A complete market research, analyzing the competition and especially those key words most searched by the users and their tendency in the time to help the creation of attractive and rich contents in keywords
  • We work together with the Programmers to optimize the web and achieve a structure that allows the web to be indexed by search engines in an easy and fast way.
  • We collaborate with the designers to ensure that the user has a good experience and navigates easily throughout the web. (The time of a user in our web and the number of page views is one of the most important factors to position in the first positions of the search engine.

In SEO there are no tricks, automatic programs or magic that position your web in one day.
SEO is just Constant work, Skilled work and Efficient work.

Free SEO report for your web

With the Woorank tool you can get a small free SEO report, where you can see the possible improvements that your web page needs. Free SEO report

You can also see our SEO Presentation in México

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